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Increasing muscle tone and reshaping your body does not have to be difficult. Take the guesswork out of your exercise program with the help of a personal trainer professional. Many people waste time at the gym because they have improper form and rely on outdated information or misinformation from health magazines. If you consider the fact it takes about 300 repetitions of a given exercise to ingrain a movement pattern. It takes up to 5000 repetitions of a given exercise to undo the improper form you have taught yourself.

Why not save yourself the hassle, not to mention potential injury and hire someone to take care of that for you? Yes, performing an exercise improperly can affect the way you look. Execution and choice of exercises are critical if you want a balanced and toned appearance.

It’s time to stop feeling so fatigued and tired all of the time! A personal training program which increases your energy is one that is designed and executed properly. Many people start a personal training program only to be burnt out in three months or sooner.

why coach rok?

As your fitness coach, I will not let this happen to you.
Attaining great posture, boosting your metabolism and lowering body fat will invigorate just about anyone! It’s important to make exercise part of your life. If you are going to invest the time, why not make it productive?
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  • Intro to Fitness
    $360.00 Monthly
    • One session per week at $90.00 per session.
    • 7 Day Detox $99 value
    • Nutrition Plan
    • Discount to ProCoach $150 value
  • Peak Performance
    $840.00 Monthly
    • Three sessions per week at $70.00 per session.
    • 7 Day Detox $99 value
    • Nutrition Plan
    • Health Coaching session $125 value
    • Online membership mobile fitness app $49 value
    • Online membership to ProCoach $150 value


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Through our online health and nutrition coaching program I will help you learn long-term habits of choosing health and educate you on what TO EAT (instead of what not to eat).

People mostly fail because they are not specific about their goals and they are doing it alone.  Let me walk with you down the path of defining your nutrition and wellness goals and understand how to fuel your life and goals.


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Real change
is not easy.
Doubt, Try, Fail,
but Never Give Up.

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Stop letting ‘tomorrow’ get away from you or putting self-imposed limits on what your body is capable of.  Let’s get started today!

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