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A holistic approach to help busy professionals lose weight, improve fitness level, and injury prevention. I help clients change mindset, lifestyle, and body so they can perform better and dominate life.

I bring years of experience in sports psychology, exercise science, and health coaching to achieve goals, improve performance and get results, through personal training, and nutritional coaching.


  • Exceed your goals with exercise physiology and nutrition expert
  • Experience the latest fitness innovations
  • Diversify your workout with a personal training expert
  • Take advantage of advanced technologically and programming


  • Rebuild, reignite and reinforce your metabolism
  • Create measurable change with sustainable results
  • Explore integrated, personalized programs and consultations
  • Trust evidence-based, proven weight-loss programs


  • Minimize the impact of stress and anxiety
  • Understand your body’s composition
  • Discover the influence of mind over body
  • Learn proper eating for your lifestyle


  • Access your workouts, anytime, anywhere
  • Track your stats on your phone
  • Improve the way you look, feel and move
  • Workouts with instructional videos and nutritional coaching

customers story

  • I love this gym! All the trainers and staff I have met in there are friendly, knowledgeable and fun! I have been working with Rashein Lindsay for 9 months now and he is the best! If you are specific on what your goals are, he will work with you on getting your results.

    Tess Rowland
    Tess Rowland Administrator
  • Love the training workout that they Provide. Mr. Rashein really did help me with my goals by first do an interview and find out what I really want it and make a plan of action based on those goals. I would really recommend that you use their service if you really are looking to get the best results and get the best out of your workout time.

    Daniel Arzate
    Daniel Arzate Business Owner
  • Rok is a magician. I’ve been working out for 20 years and have never gotten where I wanted to be. I met Rok and worked with him for 6 months and have achieved every fitness goal I’ve ever had… He’s amazing and my body has literally been transformed. [read more]

    Holt Vaughan
    Holt Vaughan Marketing Executive
  • Even from 3,000 miles away, Rok has been an incredible motivator and coach. from the wonderful training app to our health coach sessions, Rok is always detailing my workouts so it is tailored to me. He continues to motivate and challenge me each week. if you're looking for a personal trainer, whether on the west coast or east coast, Rok is your man! He makes it happen! [read more]

    Scholastica Nguyen
    Scholastica Nguyen Marketing Executive
  • I have a long history of working to get to my ideal health and have made many changes to my diet and lifestyle along the way. I know that there is more to an optimally healthy lifestyle than just watching my weight but it makes me feel so victorious all the same to say my work with Rok over the past 3 months has been instrumental in my losing 24 lbs! I’m halfway to my goal and feeling strong & healthy!

    Davida Brooks
    Davida Brooks Business Consultant
  • I’m 46 years old and have never been in shape. I’ve been a member of a gym for years but could never motivate myself to stick with a workout routine. After years of fits and starts, I decided I needed a personal trainer if only to keep me honest. I signed up with RoK fitness last year and am really glad I did. [read more]

    Diarmuid Ross
    Diarmuid Ross Engineer
  • The Rok is completely amazing! I wasn’t doing so well and after talking with him, my marriage is restored along with my relationship with God and people around me. He is the best! [read more]

    Julie Fuller
    Julie Fuller Mother of 4
  • Where do I begin?? I am what you would consider a gym rat myself, and I absolutely despise trainers ordinarily, which makes this review extraordinary within itself. I was in the Mountain View area for business and needed a gym to workout in. My colleague recommended I call Rok Fitness. I called and spoke with Rok himself, which totally surprised me. [read more]

    Markis Stone
    Markis Stone Business Owner
  • I have hired Rok outside of his gym and I have also worked with him at his gym. I have been on and off managing my weight all my life. Since I’ve hired Rok, he’s helped me change old habits in thinking and adopt healthy lifestyle changes. He has a mind/body/spirit approach to personal training that is unique from what I’ve experienced in the past. [read more]

    Angela Barkes
    Angela Barkes Marketing

my philosophy

I offer private, or group personal training and health coaching. Catering to the specific health and fitness needs of busy individuals and athletes who struggle with weight loss, low energy, and lack of fitness and performance results.

My non-intimidating atmosphere welcomes all fitness enthusiasts. All of my clients are serious about improving their health, losing weight, reducing stress and reaping the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Rok Lindsey,  MS CPT CHHC

    Rashein Rok Lindsey has been a great professional in the fitness, health and performance industry. He has knowledge and experience working with everyone from military, college and pro-athletes, kids, and executives.

    Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone, and train for a sport or competition or just stay healthy.